Indoor Basketball training facility

Elite level training at affordable prices.

Our Purpose

I am passionate and excited about the opening of Prep Space. I believe all kids should have the opportunity to develop their skills to their full potential. At Prep Space we aim to know each participant on an individual basis. I have witnessed larger organizations not take the time to learn about the person and athlete who enters their space. In my opinion this is unacceptable. Training should be individualized, even in a group setting, as each athlete is different. Many components go into building a strong foundation for a basketball player, at Prep Space we make it our mission to support and enhance this process. Furthermore we will have affordable prices, so every athlete can spend the time that is needed to work on their game. Unfortunately, basketball instruction has become outrageously expensive, and way to many parents are finding it difficult to devote the money and time to training. My goal is for Prep Space to support athletes and their families by providing a place where the potential within an athlete is used to assist them in achieving their goals.

Jonathan Calvert

President of Basketball Operations

Our Training

Training Platform


Basketball ability and development comes down to three key and equally important areas:




Basketball skill



The Prep Space Prospect Training Platform will help athletes reach their athletic ceiling all while having fun, and not breaking the bank. Every workout is designed to enhance the athletes development in these 3 areas.

Elite Level Equipment


Unlike any other training equipment, Vertimax products are specifically designed to maximize athletic potential by focusing on three key components: speed, explosive power and vertical jump.

Smooth and constant resistance
VertiMax technology changes the way elastic bands work by completely eliminating the potential for radical increases in resistance felt any time you stretch a conventional elastic band.
Train across long distances with multiple drills
Vertimax drastically increases the training range, giving athletes the ability to load resistance bands for distance of over 40 yards. This means athletes can complete more consecutive uninterrupted reps for any given mobility drill.
Ability to load at high speeds
VertiMax resistance allows athletes to achieve the highest resisted training velocities possible during training drills. And the faster you can train with a load, the greater your high-speed strength gains or power outputs will be. If you’re trying to improve your top end running, or throwing speed for example, the Vertimax gives you the competitive advantage you need to reach your full potential.
Maintain better balance for safer and more effective training movements
VertiMax band technology allows any athlete, patient or gym member to maintain far more stability and balance during exercise and training programs. Because Vertimax provides continual and smooth resistance, users aren’t forced to stabilize themselves against inconsistent exercise resistance, as is the case with conventional elastics.
Every workout will include drills and challenges that help athletes develop and enhance core basketball skills.

Footwork • Shooting • Dribbling • Passing • Defense • Rebounding